Make or Break?

So it’s the holiday season, notorious for seeing hot dog legs, view from the balcony shots, the sea and Ibiza’s exotic cocktails.  I seem to have had my holiday so late this year, but it was worth it! It was nice to get away and relax just for a week and quite literally just do nothing!

This year was a little different for me, my family and I (me, mum and dad) tend to not go on the ‘typical’ family holidays.  Instead we go travelling round India on train, see orang-utans in Borneo, sightsee in The Gambia, Swim with Dolphins in Zanzibar.  Not your normally family vacation.  But this year I was meant to go away with my boyfriend, but due to lack of money to afford two weeks all inclusive in Tunisia.  We ended up holidaying with my parents… I hear you! You reckon this is the worst idea out.  

But how could you pass up a holiday where all you have to pay for is flights and food.  We stayed in an apartment in Portugal (not my first choice), but it was probably the most relaxing chilled out time.  And quite frankly, I think I needed the break away from England.  We stayed in Villamoura, which was beautiful.  We would go down to the marina in the evening and order the most amazing food (at horrendous prices) and toast with our sangria.  Luke (my boyfriend) and I would go off wondering and eating out alone.  So it wasn’t like we were stuck with my parents.  We went to the beach, sunbathed by the pool and took a boat whilst we were there.  A truly relaxing and tranquil getaway.  

I have heard the theory that holidays are normally the make or break for couples.  And I honestly believe that it’s true.  Going away together, when your not used to spending all that time eating, sleeping and being with each other constantly; can take it’s toll on some relationships.  But I think that it’s good to see whether it would work, spending that much time together.  I have seen on facebook when couples are going on about their magical couple holiday, and then three days later they have broken up.  It’s a test, a milestone! And I think that I did it! Whilst we were there we had one petty little argument about Cheetos (my fault entirely).  We got on so well, we played Uno on the evening, had a meal in one night on the balcony with candles overlooking the pool and ed sheeran playing in the background.  Finishing it off with a few beers and a Jacuzzi bubble bath with candles (except I accidentally used washing up liquid instead of bubble bath).

My friend told me recently (she has been with her boyfriend two years) that it’s never as good as the first three months.  I however disagree, (sorry for being cheesy) I think that my relationship is just getting better and better.  So guess what.. after a week together with sun, sex and suspicious parents.. we make it! 

Here are a few snaps! 

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photo 4 (3)
photo 1 (3)

photo 2 (4)

photo 4 (4)photo 3 (3)

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