What girls should have learnt by the age of twenty

An Overdraft is not a good idea- Your spending money you don’t have on things you can’t afford.


Boys will come and go- You should stop chasing the losers


You will be talked about- Ignore the people that have nothing better to do then to talk about your life


Boys are bitches too- It’s not just girls that like to bitch, boys are just as bad


Eat healthy and exercise right- one day the Mcdonalds will catch up to you, and you’ll wake up one morning a little bit chubbier.  


Baz luhrmann is the wisest man you’ll know- Listen to sunscreen as often as you can, he knows what he is talking about


You should try to stand out- Make a name for yourself, get things published.. become known to the world


It’s not always about being popular- There is more to life than popularity, stick to the people who truly care about you


It’s okay to not go out every night- It’s nice to have a movie night once in a blue moon.  Ignore the people that say your boring and enjoy doing nothing.


Travel does broaden the mind- Get out there and explore it


Smoking doesn’t look cool- It’s bad for your health so avoid it


You do not need a boob job, it’s a waste of money, and many girls don’t feel happier with them


Don’t waste your breath on selfish and immature people- they are not worth your time or energy


Heartbreak hurts but keep loving- Don’t be put off finding love for the hurt, battle through and you’ll realise it’s all worth it


Don’t judge a book by it’s cover- you don’t know what situations or problems people have in their lives


Always believe in Karma- Be kind to others and the world shall repay you somehow 


Always be yourself 


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