Kate on tour

I can only imagine how difficult it is to be married to a prince, have a baby and have a nation in ore of you. 


But Kate Middleton, still manages to looks beautiful whilst having a busy schedule.  On her tour down under, Kate still maintains her title of a fashion icon.  Here are some of her outfits whilst in the outback.

On Kate’s arrival to Australia and New Zealand, she wore a classic red coat from Catherine Walker.  And the queens Australian broach which was presented to the Queens mother in 1958.



This black and white patterned dress sold out online, with many fashion enthusiasts copying Kate’s look whilst at a Playgroup at the Government house.


This is a beautiful pale blue Alexander McQueen coat.


A beautiful black below the knee dress with a fern hand stitched pattern to honour the New Zealand symbol


This is one of my favourite coats that Kate has worn, it looks simple, conservative yet elegant.  Someone complimented the Duchess on her outfit; “I complimented her on her green dress.  She said she liked in but Prince William thought it was a bit bright.


The Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge Tour Australia And New Zealand - Day 7

This elegant blue teal dress, which was designed my a New zealand designer looked beautiful on Kate.  

And finally my favourite outfit…

red suit

Kate wering a post box red suit by designer Lisa Spagnoli 

Kate looks beautiful in all of her outfits whilst on tour, but unfortunately although the public wake up every morning to see Kate’s new outfit.   The poor girl could never wear the same outfit twice


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