Made in Chelsea is back!

ImageMy Monday nights are finally complete with Made in Chelsea coming back to entertain me after a shit monday.  Monday’s are always a drag as it’s the start of a 5 day week of work, assignments and 9am Lectures.  But Made in Chelsea has made Mondays a lot more bearable.  

Monday night saw the start of a brand new series of Made in Chelsea.  Series seven kicked off with a recap of Jamie’s indecisive love relationship with Lucy.  After a new years grand gesture, everyone had thought (myself included) that Jamie had finally found love.  But the realisation that in fact he is just Jamie Laing! And he pretty much loves anything that moves.  As well as the on, off going, will they, won’t they relationship between Jamie and Lucy, MIC also bought up the ever growing feud between Queen B, Victoria and gossip obsessed Cheska.

ImagePhoto courtesy of E4 Made in Chelsea  

After a new years confrontation with Victoria calling Cheska a ‘fat f***ing turkey’, fashion enthusiast Victoria tries to make a amends with Cheska, but as always Cheska would rather kick up a fuss than push it under the rug…. After all Cheska needs something entertaining in her life and why not a stretched out story line of the never ending hatred between Cheska and Victoria.  This episode also saw Mark Francis bitching about his dear friend Victoria about her festive related insult… This is a first! But also offers words of wisdom to Binky.

photo.PNGAnd finally.. The episodes ‘Did it happen?’ scenario… Has Alex cheated on Binky?

With all the rumours flying about, and the interference of gossip lovers such as Spencer, Cheska and Fran.. Has Alex really cheated on MIC favourite cast member?  He obviously denies the rumour, but it’s only after the rumour surfaces that he confesses his love for Binks! With Mitton’s shadiness, Spencer’s cheeky smirk and Cheska’s meddling it’s hard not to be suspicious… After all it is Made in Chelsea.


If you missed the series check it out here

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