Looks like the war has begun…


After a couple of days living in my bacteria ridden student house; the smell, dirt and chicken wings had finally tipped me over the edge.

I began my anger management, by unpicking the several lodged items from the kitchen sink.  Who ever thinks that an ice-cream stick or a chip can go down the tiny holes in the drain is pretty stupid.  Did anybody ever teach you common sense?… even a toddle can decipher which shape goes in which hole on a shape cube.

ImageAfter picking out the lolly stick and various other objects, I conducted a pile of shit! …Yep, I spent my time collecting all the dirty plates, mouldy coffee mugs, pizza crusts and a big packet of onion ring crisps! And sat them all down in a pile at the corner of the kitchen… just being helpful, is all.  Making sure all there stuff is together just so they know what needs washing up.  Several days later and the pile is still there…. untainted by the refreshing scent of Detol!

photo 2-1

I awoke this morning and was greeted by the ever lingering wet dog scent that seems to escape from the gaps in the doors from a certain cave like room upstairs….. And a handwritten note on the fridge (I didn’t realise we were back at school, writing notes for each other and passing them round the classroom).  We’re all adults here, call me old fashioned but communicating by word of mouth seems a lot more appropriate then writing a crappy message on a scrap of paper. The note read “We work hard for our food so don’t touch it”.  And another “To whoever has stolen our coke it needs replacing”.  And a facebook message…

“The person in the house who thinks its ok to steal other people’s drinks in the house is out of order. The day before last i bought a big bottle of coke that was left in the fridge with 3 quarters of it left. it is now gone, the coke on top of the fridge is from ages ago when callums mates came and the one on the sofa is an old one also. I am not the only one with shit going missing as callums red bull was also taken. Whoever did it needs to replace the coke asap or i will just consider everyones property is anyones”. 

photo 3-1

‘A certain someone clogging up the bathroom sink’

I can’t help but laugh at the child like behaviour, moaning and accusing the people we live with of stealing a bottle of coke.  Turns out the coke was in fact at the top of the fridge… “Thick as shit”.. is all I can say.

So… After a short outburst from the owner of the coca cola, and still no apology! I will continue to attempt to clean and tidy around the festering bowls, crusty baking trays and a month old coffee!

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