All I want….. is a clean kitchen!

Wouldn’t you just love it for one day you come home, to clean floors, no piles of washing up, no bin full of mouldy food and the scent of glade and a vase of flowers on your dining room table! …, yes? .. me too!

The problem of shared accommodation, is that you share everything! I mean literally…. I seem to share my knifes and forks, pots and pans and even the same scent! All without my consent of course.  In regards to scent I mean, that a certain housemate seems to have a strong odour of wet dog that follows him/her around as though (as my friend would say) fly on a bit of shit!  As soon as their door opens the fowl stench of mould and damp seems to sweep the house like a hurricane.  “Quick get the doors open”- my one house mate will call, “We’re running out of oust”- the other! 

I leave the house for a couple of days whilst celebrating mothers day, and the dirt, uncleanness and utter filth has seemed to accumulate over a period of five days! I’ve never got to the stage before when my own house makes me feel ill, and that I am forced to spend my overdraft on Nando’s for fear of catching some disease from the bacteria living in my kitchen.  

So… my advice! make sure you live with people that have some level of hygiene and cleanliness… I’m no Aggy from how clean is your house, or an OCD clean neat freak! But a clean cooker wouldn’t go a miss! 


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