Mothers day



‘Me and my mummy’


It’s that time of year again, where you have the opportunity to treat and pamper your mum for the whole day.

We often take our mums for granted, and although this day is often a ploy to spend money you don’t have on quite frankly tat and an over expensive card.  What mothering sunday does do, is remind you how important your mum is and that we should all appreciate her before it’s too late.

Me and my mum are like best friends, although we do have fights when she’s being overbearing and I’m being moody.  But all that aside I love her and wouldn’t know what I would do without her!

Here are a few suggestions for a students budget to spoil your mum on mothers day…

  • Make a pamper day for her (although you can’t afford a spa, make your own)– buy cheap facemasks, get your millions of nail varnishes out and paint her nails, play relaxing music in the background, run her a hot bubble bath and treat her to a glass of wine.
  • Make the most of your resources- If you are lucky enough to have a hot tub, get the hot tub running, get a girly dvd out of your collection and snuggle up on the sofa
  • It’s the thought that counts- I know my mum would just appreciate a cute card.. A cute card (bought or handmade) and a bunch of flowers can go a long way
  • Can’t afford to take her out for a meal– cook your own, make a lovely three course meal whilst she’s out for the day with her friends, or leave her to soak in the bath whilst you make your mean spag bol!
  • Finally remind her how much you love her and giver her a big fat hug on mothers day… they’ll appreciate that

Happy mothers day

(and mum, if your reading this… don’t get your hopes up)

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