Self Help- How to cheer yourself up after a shit day


I’m currently having one of those days where everything is going wrong.  

….So here is my advice to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and get on with your day.

  • Go to your nearest supermarket get the greasiest pizza, fizzy drinks and chocolate… food always helps
  • Put your wooly socks on, get into bed and stick a film on, watch sex and the city or sign up to a free membership at Netflix
  • Much on your cookies in bed and cuddle your favourite toy for comfort.
  • If your not ready for daylight or to see anyone, lock your room and shut your curtains… cut yourself off from the outside world.

Now after all that…. 


  • You’ve had enough time to mope about.
  • Stop feeling sorry for yourself, what’s happened has happened… you can’t change the past.
  • Get up get dressed and do something productive with the rest of your day

I’m going to follow this advice, to try and get me out of this funk.

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