My magazine

I am proud to say that i have finally finished my journalism magazine assignment.  

Have a look and let me know what you think!


Fashion is an important part of anybody’s life, and so is having an alternative style. This magazine aims to promote quirky fashion, a style that nobody else can copy. Fashion defines a person, it’s their identity, so it’s important to dress to impress. Your outfit reflects your personality. This is the first issue of ‘Quirky’ and marks the birth of an alternative fashion style mag. Young women tend to find themselves by experimenting with fashion. I remember the many stages of searching for my fashion identity, from wearing big cross earrings imitating a Goth, to wearing caps and listening to Busted thinking I was a skater girl. But after errors and fashion blunders, I’ve finally found a fashion style that I am happy and confident with. I still tend to experiment and do sometimes get it a bit wrong, but hey! That’s what fashion is all about. My advice to anyone who is trying to find their identity is to experiment, try out that new purple lipstick you bought with your friends, try on your dads old shirt (tell people you bought it from a vintage shop) and read magazines…. They will inspire you to try something new.







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