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Vintage in recent years is becoming more and more popular.  With many individuals mainly young adults experimenting with different clothing styles from a variety of eras.  We caught up with Heather Brown a former Law student at the University of Northampton, and now business owner of her own Vintage Emporium.  Heather opened her store ‘The Vintage Home Emporium’ on Gold street, Northampton in September 2013.  The shop is a mixture of anything and everything from vintage, retro and shabby chic to furniture, clothing and vinyl’s.  When asked to describe her store Heather responded “it’s like my head exploded.. that’s what it’s like in this place”.  As well as a wide spectrum of clothing and furniture, there is also a wide variety of custom.  From eccentric customers to men who wear burlesque, from students to old age pensioners.  Vintage has a wide spectrum of customers with the owner describing the demographic as ‘a mixed bag’.  The quirky vintage owner is inspired by the 1940’s which according to her had the best hair, makeup, crockery with pin up girls and pretty furniture.  This influence is recognisable throughout the four story emporium.  

I was intrigued as to why Heather was so interested in vintage and what was so great about running the shop.  She responded “I chose vintage because it makes me feel happier, with cute little items.  I’m not a materialistic person, but I do love pretty things”.  The bubbly boutique girl said that the freedom of owning and running your own buisness is probaly the best thing.  “I can change things as often as I like, I’m always changing the shop around… I have the freedom to bring out more character”.


Vintage itself is currently on trend, within the last 4/5 years people have started to recognise the beauty of vintage encouraging it to become a fashion trend.  But would you say that vintage is more of a fashion style or more of a fashion statement?  Heather answers the query; “I think that vintage is more of a fashion statement than style.  If you look at the clothes they are so widely different, with some unique pieces some modern pieces.  It can make a look go from plain to vintagey”.    

 What is it about an item that describes it’s vintage? Was the next query I had for Heather.  She cheerfully responded; “Age specifically but you do have vintage esc products where people create things in a vintage style.  Technically vintage is defined by it’s era or period but it can expand to all sorts of things providing it has the look of that era”. 


Heather’s top tip for bagging a fashion bargain is; “Shop around, a lot of things are priced very differently.  But I think love takes over when you buy vintage.. If you love it you have to have it.. It doesn’t matter about the price”.   

The ‘Vintage Home Emporium’ is home to a variety of clothes and products including a burlesque floor.  Although only in it’s first year this little boutique has introduced a variety of different vintage elements to Northampton.  

 Over the years Vintage has taken street fashion by storm.  With more and more people experimenting with vintage and old fashioned clothing.   The vintage look is recycling previous generations of loved garments.  Dusting your grandmothers old fur coat from the attic…  Vintage is giving clothes a new lease of life.    Old fashioned styles from different eras have inspired a new generation of antique enthusiasts and have encouraged traders to open up shop.  



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