Are you fur real?


Khloe Kardashian’s against it and so is Made in Chelsea’s star Lucy Watson.  But are these fashion icons fur real? 

PETA’s anti fur campaign ‘Fur? I’d rather go naked’ has taken the fashion industry by storm, with protesters including; Gemma Collins, Eva Mendes, Naomi Campbell and Alexandra Burke.  PETA is an organisation that deals with issues regarding animal cruelty including eating, wearing, testing and abusing animals.  

 Animals that have been kept on fur farms are often abused and tortured, they spend all their lives living in confined, cramped and dirty cages.  Farmers in the fur industry tend to use the cheapest killing method which is often the cruelest including suffocation, electrocution, gas and poison.  

PETA is keen to educate the world by holding protests, petitions and advertisements.  It’s most recent protest took place for New York’s fashion week, against fur. 

This month will see the biggest fur auction in Helsinki with prices reaching record levels. With the demand for fur increasing and a new coming of age market evolving, it seems apparent that fur is here to stay!  Furs been around for ever, since the stone age, right? In the past fur was often seen as a portrayal of wealth, for the rich or grandma’s one off luxury traditional fur coat.  But due to advances and fashion, fur is on the uprise with a new generation falling in love.   

High street shops have started to ban fur such as H&M, Topshop, Newlook, House of Fraiser, Selfridges.  However there is still a long way to go.  PETA urges that all fur, vintage or not to be given to the corporation, as they use them for bedding at the animal rescue centres.  A survey shows in 2011 by the RSPCA that 95% of Brits wouldn’t wear fur.  

But with fur coming back into fashion protesters continue to campaign for the banning of fur.  With Alexander McQuenn’s fur collection causing controversy in the media with hand cut fur pom poms.  McQueen’s fairytale collection casted a spell over fashion fans whilst leaving animal lovers in rage over the fur collection.  It’s clear to say that fur has a marmite love hate affect.  


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