Miss September; Entry 8


I’m back at University now, so this is where my real man hunt begins! The first night in our new house and we stayed in and watched a cute movie (Perks of being a wall flower)… but don’t worry I will be out on the town as soon as everyone in my house has arrived.  It’s quite difficult to meet anyone at Uni.  Because everyone you meet in a club just wants a shag… but people on your course and your flat mates just tend to be your friends. So how the hell am I going to work this one out!!

I went for lunch and a shop with my hopeless romantic friend a while back.  And her theory is that if you go out in a large group with boys; potential snogs will feel too intimidated to go up to you and talk.  So the plan is to have a girls night out and instead of going to clubs; we’ll first go to a bar as there is more chance of talking to a guy and getting him to buy you a drink.

As I was on my way back from India, I was talking to this boy on the plane.  He was so lovely and was a fellow traveler and he was telling me about spiritualism.  He was a very interesting guy… he never told me his name so we will call him Spirit boy.  Anway; Spirit boy told me of this technique to achieving what you want in life…. it’s known as a VISION BOARD.  It’s a board where you put pictures of everything that you want in life.

Spirit boy was saying that on his vision board he put pictures of a couple kissing on the beach, travelling, getting fit etc.  But he said soon after he made that vision board he went to India and met this girl.  They have been going out since January now and surprising she quit her job and decided to go travelling with him.  He then showed me a picture of her on the beach in the sunset just like his vision board picture.

So that’s the plan; I’m going to cut things out of magazines and hopefully my wish of Mr September and a few other things will come true!


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