Miss September Diary; Entry 6



It’s come to end of my time in India, i’m on the plane making my way back to England. Leaving the tranquil peaceful beaches of Kerela to the hectic hustle and bustle that my life consists of. No more relaxing it’s time to make some progress in my search for Mr September. I have to say I have noticed some very good looking guys on my journey from Kerala to Delhi to London Heathrow! I’m quite impressed with the tasty traveller types. Maybe I should think of a career in an airport.. The fitties that walk in and out are pretty yummy! I think that’s my type. The traveller type (not meaning gypsys). I’d like to consider myself a traveller; I have proudly travelled 10% of the world at 19. But a curly brown haired boy with a rucksack that goes to Asia every now and then would do just fine! My friends have always told me that I have awful taste in guys.

Maybe i’m going for the wrong types, but then again i’ve never been out with a backpacker so maybe there is hope! I go back to University in two days so that’s when the real quest begins! I’m bound to find someone in my second year of Uni.

They say first year boys are just after a shag but the second years are normally ready to settle down.. I hope! What i’m worried about is that people tend to meet their life long partners at Uni. I’ve already waisted a year and only have two years left to find the dream guy. What about if I don’t… And i’m a spinster forever. I know what your thinking i’m too young to worry about things like that. But the amount of people I know havig kids and getting engaged/married at this age is crazy! Not that I want to get married now.. I mean I have no choice, I have no one to marry.


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