Miss September diary; Entry 5

As you can already guess I’m a very big believer in fortune telling etc. so you can guess that I read my
Horoscope every day… and it’s always spot on! I’m a taurus and today it says

“You may be making the assumption that a very big dream of yours will be hard to achieve simply because it is, well… Big. We are all fooled into believing that assumption because from childhood on we often hear the phrase “nothing worth having comes easy”. Sometimes that’s true, taurus… but sometimes, it isn’t true. Sometimes the biggest dreams are the easiest to acquire. And that is because they involve some passion that is enjoyable. So, if there is a goal that you are now pondering but which seems to far-fetched to reach for, reach anyway. You are very close to having it already”.

How very weird…

So according to CarrieBradshaw I need to stop looking for it because it will happen the very second I stop! And my horoscope is saying I need to just go for it… I’m soo close!

There are so many things to remember for Mr September… He better be worth it!


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