Miss September diary; Entry 4

Women today, myself included always thrive for that hollywood kiss romance! We torture ourselves by watching chick flicks relating to their misfortune in love. But loving the fact that they find the guy in the end and fall madly for each other. I want that romance! I want a boyfriend like Noah in the notebook, or mattie from 13 going on 30, robbie from angus thongs and perfect snogging, Danny from Greace, Aiden from sex and the city or Mr darcey from Bridget Jones diary! Those are the men I want to come and sweep me off my feet.. But then again; is it more exciteable to have a not so attentive guy playing hard to get! They do say that girls never like a nice boy.

I’ve had my fair share of boyfriends and boys that I fancy! But it’s never felt right with anyone of them, so I normally dump them after a couple of weeks. It hasn’t felt right with anyone except for one! The one that got away… I won’t bore you with the details but it seemed like a perfect match; almost soul mates because we were that compatable. Although we were only seeing each other for a couple of months he showed no sign of commitment… Maybe I was wanting commitment too much that I didn’t enjoy of what I had at the time.. So after coming home from uni for christmas he texted me and told me that he didn’t want to get into another serious relationship… this was a couple of days before I was due back to see him.

But they say, everything happens for a reason! And if we were meant to be together we would be. Although he strung me along a bit afterwards saying that he misses me and wants to meet me and then never showed. I have no grudges towards him! He’s just a twat 😉

I have no regrets over who i have dated… Although not that many. You learn something new about yourself from each of them! I appreciate every one of them for loving and caring for me. And although it didn’t work out for us.. There is still someone out there that is matched perfectly to him. We may have had arguments but we learn from our mistakes and take with us our memories from the more happier times. I recently saw one of my exes and although we weren’t together long and we broke up about two years ago I still love to hear about his love life. I was happy to find out that he has just recently proposed to his girlfriend.

I still follow the philosophy that everything happens for a reason.. If it’s meant to be it will be! So if your still pondering about whether you and your ex are meant to be together… relax and just enjoy the ride and enjoy life because it will work out in the end and if it is not alright then it is not the end!

So when this Mr September does show his face… If he shows his face. I can guarentee it won’t be like the movies… But hopefully even better!


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