Miss September Diary; Entry 3

I’m still in India and after having a rather intimate yet painful massage I sit and ponder on the chairs outside my room over looking the backwaters of India. What a beautiful idyllic setting.

There are about 9 huts, about 5 are occupied. The occupants aren’t young travellers instead they are couples! What an appropriate destination when your a couple to come with your loved one. Spending romantic days and nights together in this beautiful quaint setting which has been untainted by tourism and industrialisation.

Oh how depressing everywhere I go I’m surrounded by couples a constant reminder that I’m alone! It’s always the way when your single you see couples everywhere and when your taken you see single people having fun. I’m sitting on my chair watching the rain drops hitting the backwaters and I notice a huge frog. Maybe this is a sign… You know the saying “you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince”. And believe me I have kissed a fair few frogs. So is this a sign that I have a few more frogs to kiss? Or is it telling me that this is the last frog you’ll see in a while?

My fortune teller Pat told me that I may have already met Mr September…. Because according to Pat the best relationships come from friendship. If this is true I am a tad worried! Surely there must be a spark there and I’ve never experienced one with my male friends. The problem I face with me or so I have been told is that I end up I’m the friend zone and act too laddish around them! Which is kind of true I guess as the boys only ever seem to bully and play fight with me. So maybe I should adopt some rules for myself to make me less laddish.

* No more pints of cider- Although a delicious drink it looks Manley. Opt for a white wine instead as it will seem more sophisticated and lady like.

*Stop suggesting to be your lad mates wing woman- if anything it’s you that needs the help.

*Act more girlie round boys- no burping or encouraging their innuendo’s about hot dogs etc.

*No more play fighting and agreeing with them about how hot the girl next door is- you are not a lesbian so no comment is needed

* Don’t sit with your legs open- as much as it feels uncomfortable you don’t want to be flashing your panties (no matter how pretty they are)

And finally….

*Don’t talk about how hairy your legs are and that you haven’t shaved in weeks- it makes you look lazy and unhygienic, this will put boys off! They think women don’t have hairy problems.

So this mission to get Mr September be more of a lady not a lad!



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