Miss September diary; Entry 2

It’s the 6th of September so my man hunt has already begun… Looking and searching for the potential September man. I’m in India at the moment and although there are a few fit French men in the hotel; none of them I believe are y Mr September. I’m kind of glad as I would prefer my man to live in England so that we may have a shot at a future together.
As I’m staying in my quaint Eco retreat Indian hotel, I remember the wise words of Carrie Bradshaw… So yes! I must not think and want Mr September so much. Carrie Bradshaw also said “Don’t forget to fall in love with yourself first” words that I desperately want to follow!
The thing is I’m insecure like every normal woman out there. But with my male friends jokingly calling me fat and ugly… It’s hard to have a little self belief! Most of my closest friends are the size of twiglets and only one of my friends is slightly bigger than me but she has a boyfriend. Ever since sixth form I have always been a bit chubby, but since my recent trip to Africa and the recent joining of weight watchers I began to lose a bit! Maybe when I become thin like my friends I may have a shot with loving myself then finding a man to love me as well.

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