Renovations in the Tiny Toilet

Renovations in the Tiny Toilet

I have three bathrooms in my apartment, I know it seems quite excessive for someone who lives on their own. Each bedroom has an en suite and there is a little loo just off the hallway. Originally this toilet was basic and white, with white coloured walls and tiles. It didn’t leave much to the imagination.

I have always had a love of books, especially attractive, travel-inspired and vintage style books. I’ve always wanted a display of all of my reads and where better place to have a read, than the loo. When I was away in Cornwall the Air BnB had nature books in the bathroom and I have always wanted to do the same. – So introducing my nature-inspired loo!


I had leftover paint from my bedroom, so I used that to decorate the two opposing walls. I’ve always wanted a green coloured room, a while ago I picked up some paint from Farrow and Ball (Calke Green) to paint a desk and I absolutely fell in love with the colour. Farrow and Ball paint can be quite pricey, so I opted for a slightly cheaper alternative and colour matched the farrow and ball paint in B&Q with Valspar paint and it’s spot on. That’s the best thing about the colour match in B&Q, they can colour match anything from paint from a different supplier to wallpaper to cushions.

The paint is; Valspar V500 Base B
The colour mix for this colour is;
8900 1Y11+8/16
8915 2Y5+2/16
8930 1Y17+10/16
8988 5Y40+15/16

The other walls were wallpapered with GoodHome Conyza Grey & white Floral Textured Wallpaper (Pictured above) from B&Q. I fell in love with this wallpaper with its delicate drawings of the flowers, the perfect feature in my nature-inspired loo.

The little loo is not fully finished yet, as I would like to add more nature-inspired pictures, similar to that in my inspiration mood board. The books, however, look lovely on the shelves and I think it’s such an attractive focal point. Most of these books mean a lot to me. One of the books is an anthology that I contributed to, others include signed books, my ex Lecturers works and also my parent’s old books as well as some charity shop finds. I like to spice up my book collection and have a little move around with the books.



Mirror – Tk Maxx
Diffuser – Morrisons
Home Sweet Home Sign – Dunelm
Soap – Bodyshop
Picture – Charity Shop
Towel – Matalan

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