September Update

September Update


September Update

I’m so happy that it’s now the start of Autumn.  The leaves will start to fall soon, the jumpers will be purchased, and the pumpkin spice Latte has already thrown up all over Instagram.  September is a very exciting month for me! After a year long degree, I will finally finish my MA in Travel Writing. Well, after I’ve finished my portfolio that is.  I can’t wait for the exciting things to come after finishing this MA and I’m very proud that I’ve managed to stick with it, despite the struggles. 

The gossip …

At Home

After travelling quite a bit for the past couple of months. I’ve decided to dedicate this month to doing up our home. I’m still addicted to antique shops, auctions and carboot finds. I’m excited to be writing more interior and home posts this month, and perhaps some up-cycling projects. I love spending time at home, so making sure it looks nice is a priority.   

The Masters Degree

As I said in my introduction, this month marks the completion of my MA in Travel and Nature Writing at Bath Spa University. It’s been an interesting year, full of highs and lows. Although I’m happy to have finished my degree, I’m nervous for the next stage of life and what’s next of my adventure. If anyone is thinking of going to University for either an Undergraduate degree or an MA.  Then I would say to go for it. Although both my degrees were completely different from each other. I don’t think that this will be my last MA. 

The Blog

The Blog will be having some changes, now that I have more time on my hands. Be expected to see a lot more travel and lifestyle blog posts. I have a lot planned for the Blog this month.  If you have any suggestions on posts to write or things to improve on the blog, please let me know. I love to hear from you about any improvements. 

The Job Hunt

The job hunt will be well underway soon. Once the portfolio has been handed in, I’ll be busy planning my life and getting that all important job! Urgh! Don’t you hate normal life. Expect some posts on the dreaded job hunt. Wish me luck finding the dream job! 

The Change in Perspective

Unfortunately this month has also bought about some bad news, although I won’t delve into this yet. It’s been a difficult few days for my family. But this news has definitely changed my perspective and attitude towards life. It’s true what they say, that life is too short. It’s a shame that it takes a difficult situation to realise the importance of living life to the full. I came across a quote the other day; “The only way to survive eternity is to be able to appreciate each moment”.  This is what I will do, I’m going to appreciate what I have and strive to make the most out of life. 

Speak to you soon, x

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