An open letter to my travelling sisters

An open letter to my travelling sisters

Dear Fellow Traveller,

I support you, and your solo journey! Whether you’ve chosen to travel alone, or with an organisation. It’s no kidding that it can be a challenging experience, regardless of your gender. But who says you can’t, who says that you shouldn’t. If you are a woman with this uncontrollable urge to see the world, then don’t let anything stop you. We all know that the world can be a dangerous and scary place, but the reality is that the threat is also at our front door. Don’t be afraid to venture outside for the fear of ‘what if?’, don’t be hesitant to break the norms, stereotypes, and ideologies that women are molded to be. Don’t do what society deems appropriate or correct, step outside the norms and be an individual that travels without limits.

If you have a dream and an ambition to travel, whether it be in your own country or to the other side of the world, nothing should prevent you from reaching that goal. We only have one life, it’s important, especially as a woman, to do the things that we desire. “The man who goes alone can start today, but he who travels with another must wait till that other is ready.”- Henry David Thoreau

Of course, I urge you to be sensible, to be a responsible tourist, to think wisely about your decisions. But don’t let the fear of other people, the media or negativity, defer you from your solo travels. Women are becoming more and more empowered, we can do and experience the things that men can too. We can travel to the other side of the world if we want to, the only thing stopping you is yourself.

So to you, the eighteen-year-old college student, I implore you to go and see what Australia has to offer you.. don’t be deterred. To the Middle-aged woman, who is repressing your dream to volunteer in Africa, because of your three children. Respectfully, leave your children in the capable hands of a family member and leave to seek a new world and a new found respect for individuals. To the retired woman who thinks she is getting too old to travel, get on that plane and see the places you have longed to experience.

Not many people have the opportunity to seek new lands, to meet new people and hear their incredible stories. Make the most of your drive and desire, because, in a world of distractions and uncertainty, inspiration is dwindling. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t because you are a woman, you can, because you are an incredible woman.

From a fellow female traveller.

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