The backwaters

The backwaters


I’m leaning over the bamboo balcony on a crisp Thursday morning, enjoying the moment of serenity. It’s the wet season, but the air feels dry and the sun beats down on my exposed shoulders. I fixate my stare down to the backwaters hearing nothing but the cooks prepare our breakfast. I can see the shirtless men on the wooden canoe like boats paddling on the backwaters. This is Kerala, the southern most point of India considered the most peaceful part of the country. As I open the double door French windows on to the world I enjoy the moment of true peace and blank space.

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I’m staying in an eco resort in Kerala, which seems a million miles away from the true Indian atmosphere. Les Three Elephants is where we are, owned and ran by a French couple. This little slice of serene is exactly what I need. Just a five-minute walk from Les three elephants and you’re at the beach, a very secluded and an almost abandoned beach. Although every weekend the coastline becomes swarmed with coaches full of Indian tourists seeking refuge from the cities to this paradise. I sit and watch the beautiful Indian women in their colourful saris become consumed by the waves, laughing together despite their unusual bathing attire. They smile, they tease and they are all so full of seawater. A few hours pass and they get back on the coaches and begin their journey back to the cities.

Like most Eco resorts this one is alcohol free, a somewhat nightmare to the modern everyday man. However the feeling of being stripped from modern day indulges is refreshing and unique. I embrace this change, although there is a seafront bar not too far for that moment of relapse. In the evenings I spend my time in the small library, shielded from the mosquitos in my Indian silk shawl.

The restaurant is lit by candlelight as we enjoy the homemade curries; we appreciate the ambiance and we just sit in the quiet and watch the men canoe down the backwaters.


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