My spring must haves.

My spring must haves.

Can you believe we are already in Spring and it’s bloody freezing!!  This morning I was running late and had to de-ice my car in the freezing cold. My hands spent most of the journey on my small little radiators- Is that what they are called?… Urgh! One of those days. I had to make the choice between a misty windscreen and toasty hands or a clear view of the road and ice like fingers.


I love spring, I love everything about it. Mainly because it means it’s my birthday soon, **May  17th if anybody didn’t know*.

This season for me is all about ‘on style staples’.  The essentials that are chic and on trend. Because, lets be honest… us spendaholics aren’t rolling in money. Well i’m certainly not anyway.

This wish list has many fashiony bits, just because I have had a major clear out.. and of course a girl can never have too many clothes. I’ve also thrown in a few home bits because this spring, marks the move from OZ to back home to a new little flat. Exciting times.

So I have my eye on some homeware bits, I’m planning how it will look in my pinterest style abode.

So; here are a few fashion and homeware items that I have my eye on this spring.


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Which one is your spring favourite?



  1. Minimal Grain Backpack: Urban outfitters. £42. Check out. 
  2. Geo crystal black Terrarium. Urban Outfitters. £35. Check it out
  3. The suede court by boutique. Topshop. £110. Check it out
  4. Toures symbology duvet cover. Urban Outfitters. £100. Check it out
  5. White stripe pencil skirt. Newlook. £17.99. Check it out 
  6. Black turtle neck sleeveless crop top. Newlook. £6.99. Check it out
  7. Tan buckle strap cami. Newlook. £14.99. Check it out
  8. Blue button front denim midi skirt. Newlook. £22.99. Check it out
  9. Large metal bowl. H&M. £14.99. Check it out
  10. Large rectangular wooden box. H&M. £19.99. Check it out 
  11. Mid pink button front tie waist midi skirt. Newlook. £15.99. Check it out
  12. Ring back slip dress. Topshop. £34. Check it out 
  13. Petite square neck denim pinafore. Topshop. £35. Check it out
  14. Tall Jungle print slip dress. Topshop. £32. Check it out 




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