Perks about traveling with your other half

Perks about traveling with your other half

A couple of blog posts ago I wrote about the difficulties traveling with your other half (find it here;). But I failed to mention what is great about traveling with your partner. A lot of people are often worried about testing their relationship by traveling all around the world. But personally, I’ve loved it!


  • You always have someone to talk to.
    You never get that awkward feeling when you move into your new dorm or you’re the newbie in the hostel. At least you have someone to share the awkwardness with and to talk to.
  • When you’re feeling down they pick your right back up.
    That’s what’s so great about traveling with your boyfriend/ girlfriend, they just know when you’re upset, stressed or just homesick. What’s great is they know just how to pick you right back up and put a smile back on your face!
  • You never waste food.
    Don’t you hate cooking for one? I mean you always have far too much food. You never want to throw it out and waste a good meal. But I mean you can’t have the same pasta reheated for three nights in a row. With a partner and specifically one that eats a lot (mine), you never have to worry about waste..he’s like a walking garbage can.
  • Sharing troubles or concerns and helping each other out.
    The truth about traveling is that you will have your hardships along the way.
    Sharing them with your partner often unloads the burden and together you can beat the money troubles. You always look out for each other and offer support financially and emotionally.. n’aww!
  • You get to share some of the best memories of your life with someone you love.
    Whenever you get home and you try to tell everyone about your adventures, it doesn’t always come across as wonderful as it was. “You have to be there moment” taints many travel stories. But sharing those memories with your partner, means you have your own little paradise. Not many people will experience what you are experiencing, share the memories together and enjoy being with each other, away from the everyday troubles and stresses.

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