Travelling woes for people in a relationship

Travelling woes for people in a relationship

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I feel like Carrie Bradshaw. Okay maybe I don’t have her fashion style and her wardrobe, but I do kind of feel like her. Writing in her apartment with the breeze coming through the rustic looking windows looking down on passers by. The noise from my Victorian style window feels just like New York. I can hear the cars passing by, the building site opposite and the buzz of people entering the nightclub, which is right below our room. Luckily I was so shattered last night that I didn’t notice the chaos. Luke on the other hand, didn’t get to sleep until late. Thank god for the Sims 4!

It’s nice to get away from shared dorms to have the privacy of your own bedroom, just the two of us. It can be difficult being a couple and exploring the world in hostels and shared rooms. I’ll be honest, it’s difficult to have a moment of intimacy without fear of someone intruding and swinging the door wide open.

5 travelling woes of traveling
as a couple.

  • It’s difficult to make friends. Not sure whether this is just in my case, but we’re finding it hard to make many friends. I think that maybe some people feel intimidated about talking to a couple. It’s a lot easier if you’re by yourself and people just notice you’re alone and steer more towards you. I get it!! Don’t get me wrong, we’re not complete loners out here, we’ve made some friends.. and of course we have each other.  But that enjoyment of meeting new people can be slightly daunting. Maybe we need to do the approaching and ask the routine backpacker questions.


  • Sharing the same bed is a no go. I mean have you seen the size of those little creaky single beds? We’ve shared a single bed only a couple of times. Believe me, you either wake up sweating or crushed. It’s best to stick to your own beds.  However it’s sometimes nice to have the whole bed to yourself without getting awkward spooning arm.. you can just starfish.


  • Forget your sex life. Intimacy is just a no go. I mean having sex in a shared room is not something I’m up for. In most hostels showers and toilets are single sex only. But I suppose, if you’re lucky enough to have nobody else in your room, there’s a once in a blue moon chance that you can have sex when travelling together. You even have to sneak in an occasional snog before bed… be prepared for this!


  • You kind of have to eat the same meal otherwise it can be a bit of a waste. Eating the same thing as each other can save you a load of money. However it’s not great if one of you has shitty intolerances and your other half if forced to eat gluten free toast, sorry bub! Come to a compromise, try new foods and save some money.


  • Giving each other space. Although this isn’t a problem for us, I guess some couples may find it difficult to have alone time. Following an argument, there are not many places you can escape to. Whilst we were staying in a hostel in Sydney, a guy did join our room at 1am, because he had fallen out with his girlfriend. Arguments and giving each other the right amount of space can be a difficulty when traveling together.. you just gotta work through it guys and dolls!


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However, If you can put up with each other for countless hours, countless days, countless months and sometimes years…. Then I guess countless countries will be a piece of cake, right?

Do you have any woes to add to my list?

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