Why Air bnb is such a good idea

Why Air bnb is such a good idea
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I had never heard of Air BNB for a quite a while to be honest.. I know I’m not very traveler savvy.  But oh my gosh, when I found it I couldn’t believe what I was missing out on. It’s amazing!!

I think the first time I heard about this concept was on ‘Fun for louis’ youtube channel.  He mentioned air bnb a couple of times and I thought I need to check this out.- This was after I booked to go to OZ.

Whilst arranging things for out last minute trip to Australia (Don’t know what I’m on about- where the heck have you been?- Catchup here). I realised quickly how expensive it was going to be in Hostels for new years and Christmas. I panicked a bit.. that’s what I tend to do when I’m sometimes not organised, I panic. I always thought I was all laid back and never liked to plan, turns out I’m a planner in denial.

I looked at a variety of hostels and spent the majority of the day with my mum in the office trying desperately to work out where we could stay. So I checked out air bnb. And voilà.. my obsession with Air bnb was born. I found somewhere to stay for the two weeks in a place called Newtown, which was only two stops from Sydney CBD.. so easily accessible by train. The price was just right and so much cheaper than a hostel. It’s crazy that it was cheaper to have a room all to ourselves then stay in a hostel with like 12 other people.. crazy!!

I forgot to explain what Air bnb actually do; oops! sorry!!

Air bnb is a website that operates around the world. You are able to tailor make your searches to how much you want to spend, whether you want just a room or an apartment and how many people are staying. It then matches your search with real life people looking for someone to stay in their house. These people may have a spare room, or need you to cover their rent, or they have a holiday home. The site is totally free, although there is a service charge for both you and the person letting out the room.

So when christmas and new year came, we were happily staying in Newtown.  We lived with some awesome people, had an amazing time exploring a new place and got to have the private time that we needed. This is why Air bnb are just amazing..

Need some more convincing?..

I’ve put together 10 reasons why Air bnb Is awesome.

  1. It works out sometimes cheaper than regular hostels and you get more for your money.
  2. It’s great for when places up the price for events such as christmas, bank holidays and sporting events.
  3. You get to meet some amazing people.. whether this be your hosts or housemates
  4. Not all the accommodation on there is cheap, so it you want to treat yourself to a luxury apartment with some privacy then this is possible.
  5. You get to experience some amazing surroundings. I’ve heard of people staying in a tree house, on a boat and in a bus before.
  6. Great for big groups that want to stay together.
  7. You get to interact with the locals and experience real life traveling.. rather than that touristy stuff.
  8. You can host yourself and offer your spare room to people from all over the world.
  9. You are able to cook proper healthy meals (if they let you use the kitchen), rather than use the skanky hostel kitchens.
  10. It’s totally free to look and join!!

Have a look and check it out for yourself.


  1. Anisa
    31/01/2016 / 21:25

    I love airbnb too. There are other sites that are similar and just as good. I do use vrbo.com too. It stands for vacation rental by owner. In some cases I have found better properties on it. Just depends, best to have both options.

    • 05/02/2016 / 16:17

      Thank you for the comment Anisa, and thanks for the tip!
      I will definitely have to have a look, it’s good to have a variety of options!! x

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