Blue mountains trip- Photo blog

Blue mountains trip- Photo blog

If you ever travel to Australia and in particular Sydney or Melbourne. You have to check out the ‘Blue mountains’. I heard it mentioned to me a couple of times by my brother and our friend at the hostel. I never looked into it.

Instead last sunday (Travel is $2.50 on a sunday wherever you go) we took the two hour train journey to the blue mountains. We got off the stop ‘Katoomba’ and got the local bus to see the three sisters.  We did a variety of walks from beginner to intermediate and later took the train up to the top.

Be prepared this is a full day excursion and there are so many different walks. Grab a map and do your research.

*Travel companies will charge extortionate prices. It’s best to do it yourself, it’ll be worth it*

I’ve researched these three sisters below to uncover their story.


According to aboriginal legend the three sisters; ‘Meehni’, ‘Wimlah’ and ‘Gunnedoo’ were members of the Katoomba tribe and lived in the Jamison valley. The three sisters fell in love with three men from another tribe (the Nepean tribe). However marriage was forbidden. But of course men never follow the rules. The three brothers planned to capture the sisters by force which started a war between the tribes.  An elder turned the three sisters into stone to protect them, but was later killed fighting and nobody could turn them back.

I love this story about the sisters, however with further research it appears that these rocks appeared due to land erosion.  Over the years the sandstone had become eroded due to natural elements.

Which one do you believe?









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If you’ve enjoyed looking at these photos, then take a look at the new Vlog on this Blue Mountain adventure!

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