Wanderlust update: From Sydney to Melbourne

Wanderlust update: From Sydney to Melbourne

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So.. I’ve left Sydney. I feel kind of excited but also sad! Both me and Luke felt so at home in Sydney that we adopted a routine and was kind of hesitant to leave. But Luke said to me last night as we were frantically packing our bags for this kind of last minute idea.. that we didn’t come here to just stay in one place, we came to explore. So that’s exactly what we’re going to do. Because money is very tight at the minute, we’ve given ourselves a week to find a job. I hope that Melbourne will be more prosperous job wise.

To be honest, I wasn’t sure that leaving the comfort of Sydney was a good idea. Everything seemed to be going wrong whenever we had an idea to move to Melbourne.  But what the heck we booked it! We booked a greyhound coach to stop in Canberra and then onto Sydney.  I’m sat writing this whilst on the Greyhound as we speak.  I’ll be honest with you I was so worried about money and about just packing up and moving on that I really worked myself up over it. But that’s what adventures are for. Adventure is about experiencing the unknown, to take risks.. even if sometimes the outcome seems a little daunting. It’s about taking that chance and booking that one way ticket abroad, to quit your jobs, leave your family and the comfort of normal everyday life. Wow! Writing that, I’ve realised I’ve done the hard bit. Now I need to do what I do best and work my butt off to support my love of travelling. I feel so determined to make it work here in Australia. The fact that people have doubt or put doubt in my head, makes me even more determined.

So here’s to the next adventure! I hope that in some way I can inspire you to do yours whatever that may be!

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