Best date ideas in Sydney

Best date ideas in Sydney

If you’re lucky enough like me to be travelling with your boyfriend, it’s hard to keep the romance alive. I mean our sex life is currently on hold in a shared dorm room and it’s difficult not to get annoyed with each other. But sometimes it’s nice to have those days or evenings together to make memories and share perfect moments.

Here is my list of the best date ideas that you could do in Sydney.

Drinks at the opera bar
  1. Picnic in covent gardens, or maybe just a drink whilst you watch the sun set.
  2. A cocktail at the opera house bar.  The view of the bridge and the skyline is pretty magical in the evening.
  3. Listen to some live music.  Hang out at the bars on a Friday and you’re bound to find some live music.
  4. Taronga zoo. Because this is just an awesome activity to do for a days adventure. Would be a pretty cool first date as well.
  5. Go for a meal at circular key, you get some pretty amazing views especially at night. When the whole of Sydney lights up.
  6. If you are the cultured type, then head to the museum
  7. Open air cinema’s- check out ticketmaster to find a good deal- just makes sure it’s not forecasted to rain.  Prices are pretty reasonable, and the atmosphere is meant to be pretty amazing.
  8. Go to luna park and try not to throw up on the dogems.
  9. Take a walk through hyde park and finish off with a picnic.
  10. Have a swimming day at one of the outdoor swimming pools, for those that don’t fancy getting sand stuck in their toes.
  11. Have a beach day, or better yet find a secluded cove. I recommend Camp cove.
  12.  If you really want to push the boat out (literally) then a day cruising on a boat round the harbour sounds pretty fantastic.
  13. The bridge climb. If you are both adrenaline junkies, then this would be perfect but a pretty expensive date.
  14. Watch the fireworks at Darling harbour. They are on every Saturday before and after the new year.
  15. Head to a festival.  If you manage to be in Sydney for the summer, then there are plenty of festivals to go to and a lot of free events as well.
  16. For the fitness fanatics then a trek up the blue mountains, is the perfect kind of date.. as long as you don’t mind sweating in front of your date.  Walks vary from beginner to intimidate. Just remember to bring walking shoes.
  17. Have a look around seallife world and make memories watching all the fishies and marine life.
  18. Do the Bondi to Coogee walk.  The views are pretty magical and it’s kind of nice sharing them with someone special.
Taronga zoo

Do you have any suggestions for date ideas in Sydney?

A cocktail at the opera house

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