Best places to fill your belly in Newtown

Best places to fill your belly in Newtown

It’s been a week since we’ve moved out of Newtown, and I kind of miss that place. When we first arrived I was a little worried when I saw bars on the windows of each house we walked past. But after staying there for two weeks for Christmas and New years, I can’t rave enough about this place. It’s an up and coming town with weekly farmers market and a variety of hidden bookshops, quirky clothes stores and of course amazing restaurants.

Here are just the few places I visited whilst staying in Newtown.

Urban cat cafe. 

We stumbled on this little cafe whilst searching for somewhere to eat when we ventured to the local Woolworths. Located in Erskineville.  This cute little cafe is home to crazy cat window figures, amazing smoothies and out of this world food. If you are a lunch time foodie, then this is the place to visit.

Urban cat .jpg

I’ve been twice now to this cute little quirky place and every time I’ve had a smoothie and a halloumi, avocado and pesto sandwich (on gluten free bread)… and oh my god is it a melt in your mouth kinda love. Luke had pancakes the first time with syrup and fruit and then the second copied me with that hallomi bad boy!  The decor is really quirky as well , with a ladder hanging from the ceiling being used as a shelf.. too cool. The owner was always lovely and welcoming too. You definitely get the gold star from me Urban cat.  Have a look at their website! 



What an amazing name for a place that serves pretty amazing burgers. Moo is a chain of burger restaurants, it’s those causal places where you order your food at the counter and get a stick with a number on- I kinda like that vibe. The first was in Newton and the second was in Bondi.  I have to admit though that the Bondi burger was better than the Newtown.  We got the one from Newtown as a takeaway, so I couldn’t complain about the gluten free bun being stone hard in some places. Literally like chewing a brick. But the chicken inside was amazing!- Luke said his was nice too,although he compared it to meatball meat rather than burger meat. I have without fail a Chicken burger with avocado and of course chips on the side. Unfortunately both times I was far too hungry to stop and take a picture, instead I gorged on the pretty amazing burger. Have a look at their website mooooooo! 

Mad pizza e bar

This place probably has the best gluten free pizzas ever. The place is so quirky, which you can probably tell from the restaurants chosen that I like quirky. Where we were sat the whole wall was covered in postcards from Italy, there were hundreds… and I don’t think any were the same.
The pizza was big , juicy and truly scrumptious. Thi is definitely a place I want to re-visit.  The waitress was also super lovely, which helps. The price too was affordable… great atmosphere, great food and great staff!! Have a look at the website here; 


The potting shed. 

The potting shed is pretty much an instagrammers dream, because that’s exactly where I found it. Although not in Newtown, it’s a short train journey and walk away. The decor was beautiful and although it had been raining and I was very wet, the beautiful flowers and plants made up for it. The resident parrot was there to greet us as we arrived and we sat down to their juice concoction.  Although lovely, the staff weren’t very attentive and the food was a little over priced. I had chicken because there was nothing much for Gluten free people like myself. Luke had a burger, which he said was amazing. I however didn’t enjoy mine as much and when Luke tried my poached chicken, he said it wasn’t that great. The puddings that were being served looked amazing, however none were gluten free.. which made me very sad.  They also have a garden swing that was awesome as well as a printer that prints polaroid pictures. If you hashtag the sentence #swingbytheshed then it instantly prints… AMAZING!! They also do Lunch in the Alexander gardens where this place was located, so I will definitely give that place a try. On the trip advisor reviews it does say to book in advanced just because it does get very busy. For me the food isn’t worth it, but just to experience how magical the scenery is, is kinda worth it.  We spent our two year anniversary here and it was magical.  Have a look at their website. 




Do you have any suggestions where is good to eat in Newtown or Sydney?

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