5 Travelling woes for females

5 Travelling woes for females

Being a girl can be quite difficult whilst traveling.. I mean no matter how much of an adventurer you are there are certain girly traits that just get in the way.  For those girls who are currently living out of a rucksack, or just those on holiday I hope you can relate to some of these calamity’s.

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Hair. Now believe it or not but when you’re travelling in hot and sunny climates, your hair does tend to grow.. and I mean a lot.  You can’t get away with your prickly legs whilst rocking your high waisted shorts. Whereas men, they don’t have this trouble, they can breeze in and out in their shorts with no care in the world. What’s even worse is when you have dark hair like me, then you really can notice it. I’m fed up of paying for fortnightly waxes or spending hours in the shower with a razor for the hair to grow back the next evening.  Go away hair.

Body confidence.  Everybody always goes on about body confidence and how we should love ourselves. But my god, is it difficult. Comparing yourself with those toned arses on the beach or perfected bronze abs. Going to the beach when you are a little body shy, is one of the hardest things to do. I mean who wants to sit next to a group of size 6’s.. when you feel so unhappy and pretty much like a beached whale. My advice; Everyone has those worries and insecurities no matter what size you are, get your wobbly bits out and enjoy some sunshine.

Going to the loo. I mean, everyone goes for (and sorry to put it bluntly in this post, but I’m not one to shy away from the truth) shit. But why is it so god damn hard to poo in a shared toilet with a bunch of girls who are doing the same thing. My boyfriend often tells me stories about the mens toilets. He tells me how they often give the nod of satisfaction to each other when a big one hits the pan (literally!).  Why can’t girls (myself included) get over this fear of pooing in public… everyone does it.

Getting dressed in a shared room.  I’m currently sharing a room with just three men and myself. I’m not complaining because I often prefer the company of men (in a non sexual way obvs). But seriously when you just want to stick your jammies on, you have to run to the bathroom and put your bottoms on whilst the bottom of your trouser leg end up on the wet floor.  I just want to strip off comfortably, damn you female body parts.

Tanning in the right places. What I find irritating whilst sunbathing on those sandy beaches in Bondi.. is getting the right places tanned. I saw a woman today rubbing suncream all over her boobs.. well at least she doesn’t have to worry about strap marks and bikini lines. I on the other hand, (when I finally feel comfortable to get those wobbly bits out) seem to end up with countless strap marks. I mean I literally have them coming from all different angles- how can a girl wear a strapless top with these bad boys lurking? Boys have it so good, no bikini lines, or T-shirt tans.. they can just whip their tops off and soak in the sun and tan in all of the right places.  Us girls will never be fully satisfied with these tanning woes.  This is probably when I need to be rich and  be able to tan topless on my own secluded beach somewhere… no white bits for me.


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