A day in Sydney

A day in Sydney

What is a typical day like for a tourist that’s visiting the breathtaking city that is Sydney? Well I can’t speak for every tourist that has had the pleasure of visiting this amazing city. But for me, well my afternoon was spent in the sunshine visiting some of the best sites in Sydney.

So on a gorgeous summer day in December (Who would have thought you would hear that very sentence, eh?). I spent my day travelling from Newtown where I’m currently living to the Rocks.

The Rocks Market


The Rocks is just a short walk from Circular Quay and is rumoured to be the birthplace of a modern kind of Sydney. I don’t know much about the history of the Rocks, but this is something I would like to learn more about.  I think during my time here i’ll revisit this place and learn more about the culture and history of this part of Sydney.  But after I did do a little research I found out that the Rocks was home to convicts, sailors and wharf labourers. Nowadays the Rocks has become home to a modern, cultured and arty community.  The history can  be appreciated through local museums, historic buildings such as the Cadman’s Cottage and walking tours. Find out more here; 

The main attraction to The Rocks is because of the famous market that takes place every Saturday and Sunday. The market is full of a variety of food, craft and drink establishments. If you love fashion, art, food or photography then you must visit the markets.  Grab a bite to eat, marvel in the sunshine with a glass of homemade lemonade and purchase a painting from a local artist.

Rocks market

A walk on Sydney harbour bridge

After you’ve finished splashing the cash at the Markets, have a walk over the breathtaking structure that is the Sydney harbour bridge which is just a few minutes walk from the markets.

Sydney bridge

We just walked over the bridge but you can do a ‘Harbour bridge walk’ where you travel over the bridge with a group, which looks awesome if you still have enough money from the markets.  We just walked the bridge ourselves and admired the views despite the fenced off walls.


If you get the chance whilst walking across the bridge, go up the viewing platform up the bridge tower. You do have to pay to get in, but someone kindly gave us their ticket. As you go up the tower, you get to learn about how they made the bridge with a short movie, interactive information and museum artefacts.  When you reach the top of the tower, the view is indescribable, it’s amazing and definitely worth a visit!  I learnt a lot about the bridge whilst studying the informative artefacts and can now appreciate the time and history that goes along with this incredible piece of architecture.


Fun facts about the harbour bridge 

  • Work on the bridge started in 1924 and took 7 years and 356 days to complete. It was finally completed in 1932. 
  • The arch span is a total of 503 meters
  • The bridge cost a total of 10,057,170 pounds, 7 shillings and 9 pence 
  • Sixteen men died during the build: Eight were iron workers, one was a carpenter, one a painter, two were quarrymen and four were labourers. Only two fell from the arch.
  • The bridge opened on the 19th March 1932.

At the end of your walk across the bridge- which doesn’t take too long. However you will see joggers that pass you by, and think how the heck do they do this?  You will end up at Milsons point where the corny attraction that is Luna Park stands.


Luna Park

From Luna park you not only get the kooky view of the clown at the entrance of this coney island inspired park but you also get amazing views of the bridge just above it.


Although we didn’t go on any rides, it’s a great attraction for both adults and kids. You can pay for individual rides or pay for a package for unlimited access. I would recommend looking on groupon to try and get some good deals. To enter the park is free, so if you just want to go and have a look and grab some candy floss your welcome to do so.



I had the most enjoyable day at all three sites and later ended the evening with a takeaway pizza (How cheeky!)

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