‘Stroke of midnight’- Daily post

‘Stroke of midnight’- Daily post

At the stroke of midnight as the fireworks set off over Sydney harbour bridge in that moment the new year emerged. In that very moment at the strike of midnight every person all over the world from all corners of the globe would be celebrating that same feeling.  That feeling of welcoming a new year, a fresh start for many, leaving behind that almost distant year. For many the past year has bought a sense of sadness, regret and heartbreak. But for others the year has bought happiness and gratification.. all of those memories and achievements over the last year means it’s time for a celebration right?

Well that’s exactly what I did, I celebrated and welcomed this exciting and prosperous new year in with the person I love the most.  I’ve promised myself that this year will be an exciting and adventurous year full of lots of traveling, exploring, writing and working hard. I am determined to make the most of this year and despite the hardships that will emerge, I’m determined to make light of every situation.

At the stroke of midnight I welcomed 2016 and wish everyone else a happy new year.

Stroke of Midnight

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