A fresh new redesign

A fresh new redesign

So this redesign marks a change in my life and a change in my blogs life.

For the past year or so my blog has been a hobby with irregular posts about random, kooky little bits.  But with just five days to go until Im flying off in the sky for a year. I think now is the time to focus on my writing and my blog, but in particular moulding it to become a more travel inspired blog.

So I thank all my subscribers for their continued support and I welcome new ones to come along for a journey.  I am also setting up a vlogging channel to document our adventures (Which may be a little cringe to start with). Have a nosey here; – although nothing has been uploaded as of yet.

I’ve had a busy couple of weeks arranging travel plans, buying items, meeting old friends and making new friends. Two weeks ago I had my family leaving party, which was so lovely. I received so much support, lovely presents, a cake, money and cards.


Last weekend I had a meal with my friends from Uni at Pizza express and then later ended up in a cocktail bar. It’s so nice to have people come together, who you may not have seen for a while to celebrate your journey. I was so thankful for those people to make the time and effort to come and show their support. On the Sunday we had a family meal with Luke’s family.  Although the meal at Chiquitos was disappointing, we did end up not paying and still had a nice time.

This last week marks the end of my working career at Sainsburys and post grad life and marks the beginning of a new adventure abroad.

So keep on the look out on here, my vlog, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to follow my story!

The word Wanderlust basically describes my life and how I feel about travel.  Hence why everything in my life is wanderlust.

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