20 beauty essentials you need before your trip away

20 beauty essentials you need before your trip away

With just two weeks to go, I can’t help but spend my pay check making sure I have all the essentials for my trip away. Don’t know what I’m on about, then read this.

This post is just about all the beauty related products that I am taking away with me. My packing list for clothes etc. is nowhere near complete, but one thing at a time! I’m feeling both excited and slightly nervous about my trip away. I’m working right up until two days before I leave, but luckily because I am only part time I do have time to get everything sorted.

All these beauty bits are packed away in my wash bag, ready to go into my boyfriends bag. Because he obvs is stronger than I am!

You may have seen some of these little on my other post here.

So here is the list of beauty products you need in your life!

  1. Hawaiian Tropic suncream. Great for getting my tan on in both Dubai and Australia.
  2. Vosene Original. I’m thinking I need this for when I have to rough it and not be able to wash my hair religiously everyday. So making sure my hair is sleek and clean is my priority.
  3. Calypso suncream. Incase it is very very hot! I don’t want to burn in the outback.
  4. Original Source. Purchase this for a £1 in Savers instead of spending too much in Boots or superdrug.
  5. This was also £1 from savers. I was looking for a conditioner that wouldn’t break easily. This was the perfect choice. It also has macadamia oils.

6. N07 Day cream. This is my go to moisturiser that also has SPF included.  This will be great when I decide to go makeup free in the sun.

7. Simply free face scrub, I found this beauty hidden away in a makeup draw. From the packaging I believe it is from superdrug. But I thought that this was the perfect size to take away with me.

8. Tan enhancer moisturiser. This is from savers, which I am very excited to try out. It’s a moisturiser/ after sun with an element of fake tan.

9. Of course you need mini puff puff’s.

10. Wet datangler.  A great brush that’s easy to use when you have tangled bushy hair like myself.

11. Colegate sensitive whitening toothpaste

12. Sure deodorant.  They currently have a deal on at Boots.

13. Batise dry shampoo. Because I may not end up washing my hair for a while, you never know!!

14. Insect repellent. Prepared for all locations.

15. Travel wash. This is also from Savers, for when we need to wash our knickers.

16. hair bobbles

17. Pure dusk mini perfume, from newlook. An amazing smell in a little bottle.

18. Roll on perfume. Primark.

19. Lip stain, reduced in Tesco. Because you always need to travel with some lippy

20. Nivea soft rose lip.

Any recommendations?


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