How to make a gluten free mini pizza

How to make a gluten free mini pizza

These pizzas are great if you want just a little snack for your lunch, that’s easy to create and yummy to eat. There aren’t that many recipes for gluten free people that taste delicious. But this isn’t a recipe, this is just a little easy hack to make a great snack pizza.


So the above pizza is made from Warburtons gluten free sandwich thins.  I added tomato puree, grated goats cheese and a few toppings. I then popped it under the grill until crispy. A great way to make a guilt free snack.


The second pizza, is just a pizza base from Sainsburys that’s gluten free.  I drained half a tin of chopped tomatoes and spreaded them on the base. Added grated goats cheese and my toppings and cooked for 5 mins in the oven.

Both of these pizza hacks are a great way to make a tasty lunchtime dish!

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