Thoughts every graduate goes through during freshers and just life in general

Thoughts every graduate goes through during freshers and just life in general

Once you have graduated University, you can’t help but feel a longing for those late night library evenings, talking to drunken girls in the club loos and dancing horrendously until your heels are about to break. But the worst feeling for any graduate is probably the feeling you get during freshers after you have graduated.  I mean that should be you!! That used to be you; downing those chilli shots in revolutions and dancing to summer of 69 in the retro bar. That is the moment when you feel like you’re missing out,  you watch the new and improved freshers roll out in their short skirts, skinny jeans and mahoosive wedges.  “You’ve had your turn”- my mum keeps telling me! I understand, but it just goes around so god daym quickly. But one of the worst things during these fresher nights, is when you.. the graduate tries to blend in.

Here is a list of thoughts that every graduate goes through during not only Freshers week, but the whole year of graduate life.

  1. Why has my Uni suddenly got amazing fresher events, since I’ve left! I mean we just partied in the SU where out feet get stuck to the floor. Now it’s all fun fairs, candy floss and festival like vibes.
  2. These look like kids?! Surely they are not old enough to go to University!
  3. “I feel so old, everyone is going on about how they feel old at 18. Kill me now”.
  4. I hope I never looked like that when I went out. I swear the outfits seems to get sluttier and sluttier.
  5. Oh my god, that guy is really good looking. He’s probably too young for me
  6. Why do I have to go to work this week, I mean I should be partying until the early hours of the morning and be eating cold maccies in bed this week.
  7. “How the heck do these girls walk in those platform heels”?
  8. It’s only 12:30 and I’m ready for bed, what the hell has happened to me.
  9. You start to bring up when you were at Uni in nearly every conversation.
  10. When somebody mentions somebody that goes to your uni, and you ask who they are. Suddenly you remember that you will not know anyone there anymore.
  11. Why can’t I have Bernard’s watch right now, and relive those moments.
  12. I’ll probably never be as young, immature and free as I was then
  13. Where the hell has the time gone?
  14. How do I not know anyone on campus anymore, I used to know everyone.
  15. It’s official I can no longer use my student I.D

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