Why a spa day is a good idea

Why a spa day is a good idea

After attending a very relaxing (not at first) spa day, you can’t help but realise why spas really are a great idea.

After purchasing a groupon voucher for Hellidon Lakes in Daventry, Luke and I were very excited to drive the 30 minute car journey to be relaxed and pampered. Unfortunately when we arrived we were greeted by a load of screaming kids in the pool.  Not the most relaxing of starts.  But as the number of kids dwindled my stress levels untangled and I actually enjoyed my day at the spa.  Although I didn’t go for a swim; I did enjoy the steam room, jacuzzi and a massage.

Check out Hellidon Lakes here; 

7 Reasons why a spa day is always a good idea;

  • It’s the perfect thing to do after a long and stressful week of work and boring adult stuff
  • You don’t even have to think! We don’t get many of those days where we can just sit and do nothing and enjoy it.
  • Relieves tension, especially if your going for a massage. You can’t beat a good massage can you?
  • To get back into the book you love. If you’re not a bookworm then a magazine is just as good. You can unwind with Jill Mansell by your side. (Best chick lit author)
  • You can turn your bloody phone off. Unless your like me and enjoy catching up on bloglovin
  • It’s something to do with the other half. I mean a date night is so over-rated, a spa date is the new thing.
  • Wake up early, work out at the gym, swim in the pool and then go for a tension relieving massage. What a great way to spend your sunday.

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