The truth about working from home

It feels so long since I have logged on to my blogging domain. Ahhh it feels nice to stretch those fingertips on the keyboard. The truth is I haven’t been feeling particularly motivated or particularly myself in recent weeks. I mean i’ve moved out of my uni house, undergone my first graduate interview (Urghh!) and stepped out into adulthood.- Scary stuff, I know! I’ve lost the comfort of knowing where I’m going and what I’m doing to a lifestyle where I get nagged to apply for jobs. (Yep I’m talking to your mum). So apologises for being absent and hello again!

Photo courtesy of Deathtostock
Photo courtesy of Deathtostock


Having just finished Uni I have undergone a little side line work for my landlord. I mean it’s not a fun and exciting project but it’s funding my holiday in a few days! So here is the truth about working from home.

1. You get to work your own hours. Yeaah this sounds quite nice, to pick and choose when you fancy working. But the truth is to get the motivation to do anything especially during this heat wave is a chore.

2. Aches and Pains. My neck, shoulders and eyes feel constantly strained having to stare at my laptop six hours a day. I know I shouldn’t complain.

3. Fancy working in your pj’s in bed. Yeaaah! Why not. Lazy mornings is the life, except when you end up taking an hours lunch! ..Get back to it gurl!

4. The pay check is gunna look nice! I mean working from home and getting paid sounds like the dream life right; it kinda makes it worthwhile when you see that pay check arrive.

5. You can meet up with friends for lunch. I mean nobody will find out.

6. You find yourself talking to yourself. I mean it can get pretty lonely, when your alone in the house with just the dog.

7. Lack of motivation is a bugger! I mean your office is your bedroom, so zero motivation is a barrier when it comes to working from home.

8. You feel guilty going food shopping. I mean you have already waisted two hours, and then you feel you can’t be bothered for the rest of the day.

9. You snack, I can’t help but reach for that choccie bar! Arghh! 

10. You start to panic when you have the call from your boss.. Waiting for the day he says; “You have hardly done any work”. Soz!

Do you have any truths to add to the list?

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