Why a spontaneous trip is always a good idea


I did have a look at flights to Italy and Amsterdam following an argument last week. But sad to say after looking for a while, I found a few very expensive flights, at rubbish times. So instead my mum came down from Birmingham to Northampton to go on a London adventure.  Here are my reasons why a spontaneous trip is always a good idea whether this is a week long adventure in Borneo or just to Milton Keynes for the day.

Your not running away from your problems, your just taking a breather.
Don’t listen to people saying that your running away. Instead your just giving yourself time and space away from the situation, a breather!

It cleanses the soul.
A trip away can cleanse any soul from the bad vibes of reality. It’s a sense of dreaming away from normal life and routine.

Encourages friendships.
If your going on a spontaneous trip with your mother or best friend, it can help strengthen your relationship. And of course your going to meet people on the way.

More stories to tell.
Of course trips away are going to provide you with more stories to tell, more things to joke about and more memories to reminisce about. I have so many great tales of adventures from spontaneous trips away. They do always say the less you plan the more fun you’ll have.

Immerse yourself in the culture and lifestyle.
Even if your not travelling abroad you still have the opportunity to visit a whole load of culture and do what the locals do. If your visiting London you can find a quirky restaurant down a back street or visit art galleries and just immerse yourself in the atmosphere.

So after a spontaneous trip away I have come back feeling so much more relaxed a lot happier about life. So thank you mum, for an amazing trip and for cheering me up!

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