So after hoarding my empty bottles in the shower and annoying my house mates with their presence, I have decided to do a blog post on all my empties. Most of my empties tend to be shower related products, as I don’t tend to finish a lot of products.

Original Source- Vanilla and Raspberry shower gel   

I love this product, it smells so good! The raspberry and vanilla sense in the shower leaves your body smelling amazing afterwards. It’s a vegan product so it’s ideal for everybody. However this product didn’t last very long. However this could be due to the amazing scent and the fact I couldn’t help but always use this product.  I would always recommend this product and this brand of amazing shower gels.

N Spa, Honey shower and bath gel

This was such a lovely shower gel that seemed to last forever. I remember not paying much for this product. I did definitely get my moneys worth. The smell was incredible, a shower gel that I would very much try again.

Nourish cocoa and shea body butter 

This body butter was amazing. I hate that you pay so much for body butter and they never last long. But this one was from Morrisons and was an affordable price. The smell is one of my favourites and I would very much love to purchase this product again.  It leaves your body feeling smooth and silky ideal for applying just after the shower. The smell stays on your skin all day as well.

Garnier Ultimate Blends conditioner

This is by far my fave conditioner ever! I really struggle spending an affordable amount of money on a decent conditioner. But this one has exceeded my expectations. I have curly and sometimes frizzy hair so this conditioner maintains my ends perfectly. A lot of people say argon oil is meant to be really good for your hair, which is why I was drawn to this particular conditioner. I have already purchased my second bottle and can’t recommend this enough.

Primark Vanilla candle 

One of the best candles that I have been bought. This candle is from Primark and has lasted me so long. Not only is the dish cute but the smell is amazing. I love the smell of vanilla and this candle has been just perfect. I’m very sad that this has run out but I’ll deffo be emptying it out and using it as a trinket box.  A great one from Primark

Liner feutre Ultra Black 

This is the only liquid eyeliner I will use now, because this has never failed me. They last forever and they are so easy to apply. This eyeliner is more of a felt tip than liquid. I cannot recommend this product enough. You have to go out and buy this!

Kerastase cristal liste conditioner

This conditioner is fantastic! It was from my ‘my little box’ subscription and is very much a luxury conditioner. This has helped my split ends amazingly, I just wish this was in my budget to purchase again. But if you don’t mind spending more than a fiver on conditioner then I would deffo recommend this product.

N07 Beautiful Skin day cream 

This is my go to face cream. You can’t get much better than Boots N07 in my opinion. I was recommended this by the N07 woman at Boots. I went to get my foundation matched and noticed that my skin colour kept changing. I was informed that this was because I don’t moisturise my face.  It’s very difficult for me to get into a routine, so I have been trying my very best to apply this day cream on after I have showered. It’s very important to moisturise as a layer of skin is sometimes removed when you don’t care for your skin! So moisturise ladies and gents!

So there you have it some of my ’empty’ products.
Do you have any suggestions on what I should try next?

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