5 Things I have learnt this week (already).


This is just a little post, as unfortunately I don’t have much time to write this. I want to keep my steady flow of blog posts daily, and of course I don’t want to write bad content.  But after an up and down week (YES, I know it’s only Wednesday) here are the things I have learnt this week.

1. Stop being stubborn.
My star sign is Taurus and one of the signature traits of this star sign is stubbornness. I can be a stubborn old cow when I want to be.  To all those Taurus people, or just the generally stubborn people out there. Stop! It’s not an attractive trait from what I have learnt this week.

2. If your going through a hard time don’t post on facebook.
Please tell me I’m not the only girl to do this.  Urghhh!! I so regret posting pictures and statuses, why do I still do this. I’m not ten and going through a bebo crush, where the boy just ignores me, so I decide to post emo pictures on my wall. URghhh!! Stop!!

3. Appreciate your friends and there advice.
Your friends know you the best, listen to their advice and take it on board. Especially the friends that are mutual following an argument. I am very lucky to have a wise housemate to help me out during the tough times.

4. Mums and Dads are the best.
Feeling like a bottle of wine?- Dad has already put you  £20 in your account to make you feel better. Your parents will always be there to help you out, appreciate them more!

5. Lifes too god daym short.
This week I have learnt that life is just too short; so go on dye your hair, forgive and forget, love unconditionally and smile till your cheek bones ache.

This my friends is my little life lessons that I have learnt this week! Let me know if you have learnt anything?!

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