The Perfect night in

Sometimes it’s kinda nice to invite your mates over or get all your housemates together to have a perfect evening of good alcohol, good food and good company. This is exactly what the residents of Chalcombe Avenue did!- Welcome to our Mexican/ Tapas kinda evening!

*Photo quality is questionable because I was obvs too busy cooking to take decent Photographs*

The food was mostly homemade with nachos, Bruschetta, Pizza, Homemade guacamole and homemade chips.

We played a whole lot of games including pictionary, charades, never have I ever and all the old classics. The prosecco was open, the cider ice lollies were melting and the shots had started.

Home made Guacamole
Home made Guacamole
Homemade Bruschetta
Homemade Bruschetta


It’s amazing what you can do with a few ingredients, a handful of friends and a couple of bevies.

‘the top 5 things you need for the perfect night in’

1. Good Food obvs.
Maybe make a themed night like Italian, Mexican or French and make or buy appropriate food to that theme. You could have some great fun with snails, ahaha!

2. An abundance of entertainment.
Whether your having a girly night and you need a good film, nail varnish and face masks. Or maybe a sociable evening where you need games and shots.

3. Steady flow of alcohol.
Maybe a cocktail night with homemade cocktails, ciders or beer. If your really celebrating how about champagne or Prosecco.  Maybe you can use the alcohol to play games; beer pong, ring of fire.

4. Good people.
Don’t pick some randomers off the street, have a selection of people who you know will make it a good night. If you want a quiet evening don’t invite your wild party hard mate.

5. Laughs, Laughs, Laughs!!
A whole lotta laughs will make your night so enjoyable, so laugh your socks off!

Any more to add to the list?

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