21 Things I have learnt now I am 21.


I feel kind of depressed about the idea that I’m now twenty-one, silly I know! I can hear you saying “Your still young”.- Yes but it’s the fact that it has come around so quick. Twenty-one years have come around so quickly, I don’t feel ready yet! Ahhh! So here is a list of things I have learnt at the fun exciting age of twenty-one.

1. Family is for life. You cannot escape the grips of your over-bearing mother. You feel like you want to, but truth is you miss her like hell when your apart. – You will never admit this to her. But embrace the kooky family that you have been blessed with.

2. Always carry tissues in your handbag. I hate the awkward moment when your on the loo and you realise there is no toilet paper. Nothing is worse than a soggy fanny! – sorry so explicit but it’s true. As well a sad film, snotty nose child (or in my case a snotty nose boyfriend)- you never know when a tissue is required.

3. Get rid of that overdraft. I have learnt the hard way that an overdraft is a stupid idea. *GET ME OUT OF HERE* Is what I want to say to Lloyds bank. Never get one, trust me!

4. Wash your makeup off before bed. I never used to do this and am still trying to get into the habit. You don’t want crappy skin when your older. You do not want to be 25 and look 45.

5. University is the best years of your life. Ask any student! It’s not just the partying, it’s the friends and the way of life. Appreciate this time before it’s gone.

6. You can never be productive after a drunken night out. Never think it’s a good idea to get drunk the night before work, that revision will never happen.

7. A glass of wine, your best mates and good food can cure all heartache.

8. Save, Save, Save! Sadly money makes the world go round! Save those pennies to help afford your house, new shoes or that holiday abroad.

9. You will meet some dicks in your life! Dump em before they break your heart!

10. Never go out with someone for the sake of it, your waisting your time and there’s… Keep looking, there’s someone out there for you.

11. You’re never going to get rid of hair! Face the facts! There is no miracle hair remover.. as of yet. Just get them legs waxed.

12. Friends come and go. Your best friends will change so many times throughout your life. It’s just something you have to accept.

13. Primark leggings are never a good idea. “I can see your arse”

14. Never follow the crowd! STAND OUT!

15. Talking truly and honestly solves everything. Promise; I’ve written about this in a blog post btw check it out ‘here’; 

16. It’s okay that you still play sims in your twenties.. I actually quite fancy playing it now.

17. Exercise and healthy eating is so important! Start whilst your young.

18. Cosmopolitan is the signature drink

19. Nobody is judging your dancing, so stop being the prude in the corner.

20. Never go out with your best friend. From experience it never works out. However in the end your partner does become your best friend.

21. Embrace every moment, life flashes before you so quickly so appreciate everything you have in your life.

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