5 Things all girls do after an argument


We hate to admit it but most of us girls always seem to do some stupid things following an argument. I too am guilty of some of these traits that we have established.  Everybody hates to argue, yet girls always go to the next level afterwards.  These experiences are based on my own and my friends around me, we are a weird breed aren’t we!

1). You tweet a quote/ picture or just an angry status. We all know who it’s about. you might as well bloody direct message your boy, then write a status slagging them off “anonymously”.  Stop it Girls! I too am guilty, but the truth is. Nine times out of ten, they haven’t even noticed. Save your annoying statuses for another time.

2). You go out and get drunk with your girl mates and drunk call the culprit. Yes we’ve all done this, whether we are really drunk or not. You try to feel single, and have a laugh with your mates.. but the argument always seems to play over in your mind. You can’t help drunk call or text and end up crying and spilling your guts on how much your in love with them.. I mean come on!

3). You try and make your other half jealous. Whether this involves texting that boy you hooked up with a while ago just to make you feel like ‘you’ve still got it’.  Or see your boy in town and flirt with those boring rich men at the bar. We all do it, but it does nothing more than make the situation worse.

4). You change your relationship status on facebook or change your profile picture without him in it. Social media seems like our best weapon after an argument, But boys don’t even care. Tbh I think they just find it funny. A lot of girls forget boys do not notice little things like us girls do. A change of profile picture won’t even phase these lads.

5). You text back to his messages with “K” or “KK”. Of course you will wait anxiously like an hour after he text, to make it look like your not keen. Full stops are a must and of course no X’s on any of the texts. Sometimes, you may not choose to even reply. But if they don’t reply, all hell will break lose.

Boys if your reading this, yes we are a sensitive bunch. But whether your in the right or wrong, come over with a bunch of flowers ready to cuddle for the majority of the night.

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