Puppy Wish list

Is this kinda sad that I want to do a puppy wish list? I mean when you have a dog, you can’t help but treat them as part of the family. I find myself willing to spend more money on dog treats then clothes for myself.  To all those dog lovers, you know what I mean!

So here is a spontaneous doggy wish list;

dog wish list

1. Joules dog bed: Joules, £24.95 Check it out ‘here’

2. It’s time to eat mat: Pets at Home, £2; Check it out ‘here’

3. Dog Collar: Not on the highstreet, £18. Check it out ‘here’

4. Dog bowl; Pets at home, £8. Check it out ‘here’

5. Personalised dog treats: Not on the high street, £8.50. Check it out ‘here’

6. Joules dog bed (couldn’t decide which I like best): Joules, £24.95. Check it out ‘here’

7. Dog tipi: Not on the high street, £54, Check it out ‘here’

8. Dog Hoodie: Amazon, £7.25 (depending on size). Check it out ‘here’

9. Personalised Dog Tag: Not on the high street, £8.50. Check it out ‘here’

Keep wishing Dottie;

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