Why Zoella is my guilty pleasure


I find myself excited on a night, when I can tuck in bed and watch countless hours of Zoella vlogs. Even my boyfriend gets excited snuggling up and watching them.

Yes, I’m admitting it. I think I am a bit obsessed with Zoella and her weekly vlogs. Is this sad?- I am a nearly twenty-one year old that is slightly obsessed with watching Zoella. I’ve only recently started watching her videos a year after the hype. I can kind of see why there is such a hype about it though.  But I don’t think it’s just pre adolescents that are in love with her videos, I think we are all a bit obsessed with not just Zoella but all vloggers. Haven’t looked at any, why not! Check them out. I promise you, you will be consumed and eventually obsessed with their lives.

Zoella has become such a social media sensation, it’s crazy to think that all her fame started from videoing in her bedroom.  It must take so much confidence to put yourself out there and share your thoughts with the world, but fair play. If you enjoy it then why not! I think what I love about vloggers and Zoella or Zoe Sugg in particular is that they are real, ordinary people.

I think the obsession with vlogging and Zoella is that fact we get to delve into their lives.  As I’m having a break from writing this, I keep finding myself searching through Zoella’s channel. From this I pose the question is vlogging the way forward? I find myself waste away countless hours on youtube watching makeup tutorials, beauty blogs or just general lifestyle posts.  It’s fair to say that social media and digital marketing is taking the world by storm. Our lives continue to be consumed in the ever growing social media platform. But why are we so interested in other peoples lives, twitter posts and Instagram faves.

Why don’t we all delve into the world of social media, share our thoughts and opinions and enjoy sharing moments. Maybe, I should start vlogging,

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