26 Things that happen when you live with girls

26 Things that happen when you live with girls

Having lived with girls for three years, I seem to have picked up a few habits.  It’s kind of nice living with girlies, you get to share makeup, do each others hair and occasionally bitch about that annoying person in your class.  I’ve loved living with my two girl friends, it has seriously been one of the best things at Uni. So here are a few things all girls have learnt and done whilst living with each other;

1. You borrow each others tampons during that time of the month

2. You get dressed in each others room before a night out

3. You relax with a glass of wine and sing along to old school music on an evening

4. You comment on all the wedding dresses on say yes to the dress or I found the gown

5. Your period sync- yes this actually happens! I’ve synced to my housemates

6. You all help compose a text to that boy you fancy

7. Had a fight with the boyfriend?- Don’t worry the girls will be there with the popcorn and chocolate

8. You straighten each others hair when your feeling a little too lazy

9. We don’t mind borrowing each others shampoo and conditioner

10. You nearly always borrow your mates lipstick or perfume.. you fancy a change!

11. You help each other pick an outfit for the date with that lad you met on tinder

12. They are always there with a box of tissues after a row with the boyf

13. They will always be honest, and give you the bestest advice

14. After a night out, you can always count on them to be hanging out their arses with you

15. You share more than just secrets

16. You can tell each other when your being a bitch

17. You find each others shoes all over the house

18. It’s not as bitchy as people make out

19. You find razors scattered around the shower

20. There are nearly always a fresh bunch of flowers in the house

21. You know when it’s that time of the month, with whining and cravings

22. You know you should leave at least an hour for each girl to get ready

23. You learn each others lecture timetable, so you can plan to shower before the girl who takes the longest

24. Your gurls always have your back

25. They pretend to be your lesbian partner when a creepy guys hitting on you

26. You will always make sure your girls are safe, even if you have to lend them your bed for the night because she’s too drunk to find her keys (yep, this has happened!)

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