May- This months Wish List

May- This months Wish List

So this is a very special month because it is in fact my Birthday month!- So most items on the list I wouldn’t mind for my birthday. This months wish list is a combo of home, fashion and lifestyle items.

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1. Topshop Playsuit: £32. Click HERE
This has such a festival feel to it, I love it for summer BBQ’s or cute holidays. It may be a nightmare to wash with all the pom pom’s on the hem line. But how can you not like pom poms.

2. Topshop Print Pom-Pom Trousers: £28, Click HERE
 like this item both in the playsuit and trousers. I may be too short for the trousers but they look cute for a summer holiday.

3. Newlook Daisy dress: £17.99. Click HERE
his too is a cute summer dress that would look lovely with wedges, my summer must have!

4. Urban outfitters Buddha photo frame: £10. Click HERE
For those that know me, know that I love buddha’s so I thought this little frame was cute to fill with travel photos.

5. Not on the high street, To do list: £6. Click HERE
I am trying to organise my life a little bit more, and I have a love for stationary. So thought this cute to do list was perfect for my notes.

6. Topshop Pineapple Ice cube moulds: £12. Click HERE
Perfect for your pimms or cocktails in the garden.  Although I have an ice maker at home, I just think these are so summery and cute for hot weather.

7. Urban outfitters crate: £20. Click HERE
I have a new love for crates, you don’t necessary have to use this for fruit. I use my other crate for clean linen. I just love the old vintage style.

8. Topshop Dressing gown. £32. Click HERE
I have been after a silky dressing gown for ages, just something for in the summer that I can wear to take the dog for a wee.

9. Urban Outfitters 365 days of yoga. £5.99. Click HERE
I’ve been getting into yoga and think that this book is so fun and quirky.

10. TK maxx/ Ospery London Handbag: £104. Click HERE
My mum showed me this bag and although it is expensive it is nice to have a staple go to handbag that you know will last. My handbag from riverisland is on it’s last legs.

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