April- This months faves

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES So it’s coming to the end of April, and this month has been very up and down. I found out that I got an internship back home, have had many a cry over work and boys, found myself again and learnt new things about myself. I always think that April goes so quickly, only feels like yesterday that it was christmas.  I love the spring time, it’s a time of new beginnings.  So following on from that here are this months faves. It is a combo of clothes, beauty and lifestyle items. 1. So my first fave is my leopard print dress from Asda which was £10.  It’s a light airy dress perfect for spring, I was slightly worried because it wasn’t a fitted dress, but turns out it looks nice on. I especially love the cropped cap sleeves. Find something similar here; I’ve paired this dress up with some chunky brown crocodile inspired shoes from H & M. SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES 2. My second fave item is my new Nivea cleanser and toner. I take this into the shower and cleanse my face in the morning and the evening. I was keen to get a good skin care regime going, and thought that Nivea are really good for skin. SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES 3. My cute crate that I purchased from a vintage shop in Northampton. I think this was £18. When I was potentially moving into a flat I bought this to keep all the linen in.  But instead it’s in my uni room containing my clean linen and some gym clothes. I love the vintage daisy style, I’m sure i’ll find a use for it when I move into somewhere. SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES 4. My Sainsburys bargains. After feeling a little blue, I decided to cheer myself up with some stationary, which I love- a notebook, planner and an elephant scarf (because I am obsessed with elephants). Scarf: £8 Things to do: £2.99 Notebook: £3.99


5.  The 100 foot Journey DVD- this is such a feel good film about cooking, love, friendship and India.  One of the best films I have seen in a while, I warn you it will make you want to have a curry.


6. The Last of my monthly faves is my new app. This app which is free from the app store is great for losing weight- so I have been told by the amazing blogger Hannah Gale. You put down your details and how much you want to lose, and it tells you how many calories you are allowed. You log your food so it tells you how many calories remain. It even adds exercise automatically as it counts how many steps you take. It’s called My fitness pal!


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