Thoughts that go through every students mind when doing a dissertation

Thoughts that go through every students mind when doing a dissertation

Ahh I am so nearly close to reaching the end of my dissertation.  For those who have or are currently doing their dissertation, you will know of the struggle to keep motivated. Here is a list of all the thoughts that go through every student’s mind when doing this dreaded thing.

  1. When will this end?
  2. What shall I have for dinner?
  3. How much is this going to cost to get printed?
  4. Why won’t my supervisor see me anymore?
  5. Do I have enough words?
  6. Do I have too many quotes?
  7. Thank god for cite me and neils toolbox. (Haven’t heard of them?- Check them out here and here)
  8. Mum stop trying to help, you don’t understand
  9. What would I do if this document just closes *backs up immediately*
  10. What is the point?
  11. Can’t wait to go out and get drunk when this has ended
  12. Why is the library not open for easter! I have a dissertation due
  13. How the f**k do I reference that
  14. I should be working on my dissertation instead of clothes shopping
  15. Why can’t people in the library be quiet..
  16. What else can I talk about?
  17. I am so bored with this topic
  18. Why did I go to Uni?
  19. Why did I choose this topic?
  20. Why don’t they extend the deadline
  21. I need to make a dissertation playlist
  22. What shall I do when I have a study break?
  23. Lets make a study timetable instead of writing it
  24. I wonder how much everyone else has done
  25. Should I add pictures?
  26. Does this make sense?
  27. What am I going to do when this is all over?
  28. I feel like crying
  29. Should I print an extra copy for myself
  30. This better get me a good grade

Here is a snap of the proud moment of me submitting my final dissertation!

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  1. 23/04/2015 / 12:02

    Congratulations on handing it in!! 🙂

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